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New Recruits!  WELCOME TO CAMP! 

Once you have made the decision to get in the BEST shape of your life and completed enrollment forms , it is time to come in for your first class or session!

Please "Be Prepared" with the following:

~  Fuel up with a small, but balanced breakfast!
~  Drink plenty of water the night before + 2 hours before your training session                      
~  Bring extra water - especially in hot weather

~  Dress in appropriate attire (layers or weather appropriate); Gloves when cold.
~  Supportive clothing and shoes (running or cross trainers, but NOT your new white ones-they WILL get dusty and dirty at Camp!)
~  Yoga, exercise mat, or beach towel
~  Bring an open, fun attitude and ENERGY!

ALL LEVELS of fitness are welcome here!  I will modify your workout when needed while still keeping it challenging.  You will set realistic GOALS and we will check progress and work toward them!   I want you to succeed!

During WEEK ONE be prepared for Basic Fitness Testing.  You will be measured for relevant fitness benchmarks in cardiovascular endurance, CORE strength and upper body strength endurance.  Most participants report improvements in energy, weight loss and clothes fitting better after only one week!  You can expect dramatic improvement to your cardiovascular performance, CORE & upper body strength, lower body endurance, agility and flexibility after 6 weeks of sessions not mention improvements to lean body mass, appearance, energy and mental health. 


Training Sessions should continue well beyond the commitment as you make fitness part of your healthy lifestyle and routine.  If you decide not to continue training, you may attend classes and I can still mentor and "Coach" you with Beachbody (at home fitness) programs so that you don't lose what you have worked hard for here!  Let me help you choose the right program for your GOALS.

Feeling SORE?
If you feel like you can't move after this first week of Boot Camp, don't worry it is just part of the process...especially at the beginning of Boot Camp, a new activity, or an increase in duration or intensity.  Just think:  You are getting stronger, increasing your stamina, and your muscles will recover.  DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness, is muscle pain, soreness, or stiffness 12-48 hours after exercise.    The worst is the first day or two and then it should get better over the next few days.  Below are a few tips to help speed up the recovery: 
Simple Remedies for Sore Muscles: 
  • Drink- Water is great to help speed up the recovery.  Always carry your water with you wherever you go. 
  • Stretch- Stretching your muscles continually throughout the day especially when warm from activity or post shower, not just post-workout helps loosen up the tightness. 
  • Move- Movement brings blood flow to the muscles and the oxygen brought to the muscles helps speed up the recovery.   Stay active! Exercise lightly or moderately on non-boot camp days followed by a flexibility session.
  • Ice- Ice can help with the inflammation, especially if you feel any soreness in your joints, like your knees. Frozen peas in a bag are great to have around or if you are really hard core, an ice bath for 20 min is the ultimate cure. 
  • Soak- Soaking for 20 min in an Epsom salt or Mineral Salt (from Henrys) bath is great for flushing out toxins. 
  • Sleep- Your body recovers when you sleep.  You may need a little more sleep than usual to recover faster.  A quick 20 min power nap during the day, or adding a little more sleep at night. 
  • ACV- A shot (1-2oz) of Apple Cider Vinegar is the cure for just about everything including a quicker recovery. 
  • Unsweetened Cranberry Juice- The concentration of the powerful antioxidants in the unsweetened cranberry juice is great for your body.  Just make sure it is not from concentrate.  
  • Massage- A light massage gets the blood flow going. 
  • Rest- Give you muscles time to recover before working that same muscle group again.  If you are sore, that does not mean don't come to classWe work different muscle groups on different days or I can give you another exercise to do.  Give yourself at least one "Rest Day" per week.
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